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The Marrakesh Road Map


Read the Marrakesh Road Map for Localizing Climate Finance

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20.02.2017 Building local actors capacities for climate projects

Success of the training: “City Climate Finance Training” [more]

15.02.2017 Decentralized cooperation for climate!

Updates on the financing of the Ecocentre in Rabat in Morocco [more]

07.02.2017 FMDV contributes to local capacity building in Mexico.

The Foreign Relations Secretariat DGCP of Mexico and FMDV's regional office for Latin America will combine forces in 2017 to strengthen the Mexican local government capacities regarding urban development financing.[more]

07.02.2017 Launching of 4 in-depth studies with LFIs in Africa!

As part of the support of the FMDV to the Network of African Finance Institutions for Local Authorities (RIAFCO), a new program initiated in partnership with UNCDF and financed by the World Bank had began. Among its activities are four in-depth studies conducted since December 2016 aimed at strengthening the capacities of the members of RIAFCO.[more]

30.01.2017 New publication : SMART technologies and municipal finances !

This publication has been carried out in the framework of the Uraia Platform, created jointly by FMDV and UN-Habitat and focuses on “The impact of SMART technologies in the municipal budget: increase revenue and reduce expenses for better public services." Each chapter comprises city case studies, as well as interviews with key actors, and concludes with recommendations about the elements that...[more]

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