For an Actionable COP27: FMDV’s Transformative Agenda & Initiatives
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FMDV will host and present at several events during COP27 that will cover the wide range of the latest approaches, strategies, partnerships, mechanisms, and innovations in financing for a sustainable, just, and resilient urban development and transition.
FMDV will particularly build on the outcomes of its Finance Your Cities high-level Conference held in Abidjan on the 21st of October, during the Finance In Common Summit-FICS.
Together with FMDV’s delegation of members and partners, we will focus more specifically on better integrating the needs, propositions and opportunities of Local and Regional Governments from Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) in COP’s dialogues and outcomes on subnational climate finance.
The African Alliance of Subnational Development Banks-SDBs, launched in October in Abidjan, and the Alliance of SDBs for LAC, which released it first Activity Report, both coordinated by FMDV under the FICS umbrella, will be showcased at COP27 in different sessions.

Deepening its collaboration with the Under2Coalition, FMDV will make history in framing the signature of the Under2Coalition MoU by the Governors of the 12 Moroccan Regions, and the Moroccan Association of Governors - ARM, making sure that the whole Moroccan territory is engaged at the subnational level to remain under 2°C of global warming.

This signing ceremony will symbolize the coordinated contribution and support from the Regional Governments to Moroccan National Determined Contribution’s enhancement and implementation through peer-to-peer cooperation and mobilization under FMDV and Under2Coalition’s partnership.
In addition, FMDV will engage with the LAC Secretariat of the Under2Coalition, and articulate with its development financing partners to ensure support to the opertionalization of the regional Net-Zero Pathways into solid pipelines of transition projects to be presented at the Finance In Common Summit-FICS to be held in 2023 in Latin America.

Finally, FMDV will also ensure that the Abidjan Declaration of the Alliance of African Ministers for Urban Development Financing is put forward as a historic mobilization of African Urban Ministers on Finance, and that progress is made in laying the foundation for the Global Action Framework on Localizing Finance part of our general ‘advocacy for action’ under the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action.

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